Metal Masters

Castings from the silicone moulds require a great deal of hand finishing. Over many hours of shaping and adding detail a finished master is finally produced. It is only when the master itself looks as if it can 'fly' that we proceed to a production mould.

A raw casting of the 1/48 scale Hawker Typhoon fuselage.

The quality of the raw castings from the silicone moulds.

A full set of castings from silicone molds for the Typhoon.

A full set of parts for the 1/48 scale Hawker Typhoon Mk IB
all as cast from the silicone moulds prior to any cleaning up.

Early stages of cleaning up and fitting parts together.

After several hours of filing the parts begin to fit together.

Fitting the aircraft to its undercarriage.

The Typhoon finally sits on its undercarriage and
I can begin to get the stance and character of the aircraft correct.

Stages of cleaning up the underwing rockets.
Fitting the rockets and cannon to the wing.

Rockets and cannon are cleaned up in the same way.
File marks are polished out with fine wire wool

Final test fiting of the parts.

Final test fiting of the parts.

Here the Typhoon metal masters are almost finished just a few refinements to the Milliput wheel hubs to complete the project.