3D Printing

The use of 3D printing perfectly complements our traditional handcrafted sculpting methods. 3D printed parts help with the initial sculpting stages to ensure perfect geometry of the aircraft. The detail and the subtle character of the aircraft can then be sculpted by hand.

Designing parts with a 3D modeling program.

Once accurate plans have been scanned into the computed parts can be designed using 3D modelling software.

Preparing the parts for printing.

The parts are then prepared for the 3D printer which recreates the component by depositing layers of plastic one on top of another.

Our 3D printer the Ultimaker 2.

Our 3D printer which is capable of printing large parts such as fuselages and wings as well as more detailed small parts.

The resulting printed parts ready to be hand finished.

3D printed parts for a Beaufighter. Here you can see the layers of plastic that make up the 3D printed part. These layers and any excess plastic must carefully be removed by hand before any detail can be added.