The Bomber Command


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Bristol Blenheim Mk IV
A limited edition of 100 only of the aircraft flown by Wg Cdr Hughie Edwards VC.
Fairey Battle Mk I           LIMITED EDITION OF 50
The Victoria Cross aircraft from the raid on the Maastrict Bridges.
Handley Page Halifax Mk II
A 138 Squadron aircraft used by the SOE to drop spies into France.
Handley Page Hampden Mk I
The aircraft of Flt. Lt. R A B Learoyd VC of 49 squadron.
Handley Page Hampden Mk I         SIGNED
Flown by Sgt J Flint who was awarded the George Medal.
Avro Manchester B Mk I
Flown by F/O Manser VC on the Cologne raid of May 1942.
Avro Lancaster B Mk I special
In daylight colours of 617 squadron with the Grand Slam bomb.
Avro Lancaster B Mk III           LIMITED EDITION OF 25
'Phantom of the Ruhr' as it served with 100 Squadron RAF.
Avro Lancaster B Mk III special
The aircraft of 617 squadron which breached the Mohne Dam.
Avro Lancaster B Mk X
Flown by the Canadian 419 squadron.
Vickers Wellington Mk IC
The aircraft of 'Jimmy' ward recipient of the Victoria Cross.
Armstrong Whitworth Whitley Mk V           LIMITED EDITION OF 50
The aircraft of Plt Off L. Cheshire later to become VC.

The following aircraft for this collection are no longer available
from us and may only be obtained on the secondary market.

Fairey Battle Mk I
An aircraft which formed part of the BEF in France.
Battle of Britain Memorial Flight
A trio of Hurricane, Lancaster and Spitfire.
Bristol Blenheim Mk I
The aircraft of Scarf who was awarded the Victoria Cross.
Bristol Blenheim Mk IV
The aircraft of 114 Squadron which sighted the Lutzow.
Douglas Boston Mk V
Flown in Italy this aircraft was called Jacqueline Anne.
Handley Page Hallifax B Mk III
The aircraft of Cyril Barton VC who flew with 578 Squadron.
Avro Lancaster B Mk III
The aircraft of Bill Reid VC which he flew with 61 Squadron.
Avro Lancaster B Mk III
The limited edition aircraft of Bill Reid VC.
Avro Lancaster B Mk III Special
The aircraft of James Tait from operation Paravane.
Avro Lancaster B Mk III Special
The limited edition of an aircraft from the Tirpitz raids.
de Havilland Mosquito B Mk IV
Fitted with 'Oboe' and used as a pathfinder with 109 Suadron.
de Havilland Mosquito FB Mk VI
Flown by Tom Mc Phee on the Amiens jail break raid.
de Havilland Mosquito PR Mk XVI
Able to carry the 4000 lb 'Cookie' bomb to Berlin twice a day.
Short Stirling Mk III
Flown by Sgt Aaron who was awarded the Victoria Cross.
Avro Vulcan B1
The famous V-Bomber in anti flash white.
Avro Vulcan B2
In camoflage as it served with 617 squadron.
Avro Vulcan B2
The most famous Vulcan XH 558.
Vickers Wellington Mk III
Known as the Wimpy this aircraft carried the 4,000lb cookie bomb.
Armstrong Whitworth Whitley Mk V
From the first SAS raid Operation Colossus.